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Singapore students outdo their parents in education levels

Singapore ranks among the top in the world when it comes to upward mobility in education, with nearly six in 10 adults attaining higher qualifications than their parents. According to a report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released yesterday, across all age groups, those with more qualified parents are likely to […]

Advancing A Culture Of Education At IBM

Some companies say that they are a learning organization, but IBM actually is one.  The numbers alone prove it.  IBMers consume an average 60 hours of professional education a year, with some employees taking multiples of that.  And the company spends a half a billion dollars in employee education every year.  I had the opportunity to talk with Carrie Alteiri, IBM’s VP, […]

Education is the answer to many of life’s challenges

According to a report by the White House Council of Economic Advisers, historical standards for what constitutes poverty have improved and therefore the anti-poverty movement has been a success. While this analysis may take into account those historical factors that describe conditions of poverty, it grossly understates the human suffering and intergenerational character of poverty […]

Keys to education

WESTVILLE – “It’s not hard; it’s just new.” That’s the slogan on a sign displayed in Christopher Bontjes’ piano lab at Judith Giacoma Elementary School in Westville. Apparently it’s also a motto that Bontjes’ students have taken to heart when learning to play piano for the first time in his class. Earlier this week, nearly […]

J&K Higher Education Needs a Stimulus

This is not about the debate of making government educational institutes better than the private ones. No disagreements about it. That, however, remains a long-term goal. Until that happens, generations could bear its brunt. Much is being said about the school education, but what’s been skipping our minds, is our higher education sector. This is […]

The Evolution of Education and Innovation in India

Education and the right to education is one of the main fundamental rights of our country’s citizens. It is compulsory for children aged between 6-14 to have an education. Over the many years, especially after independence, India has managed to increase its literacy rates to nearly 75%. It also has more primary education than ever […]

In Chemnitz, minister promotes education as answer to extremism

The awkward task of being the first member of Angela Merkel’s government to visit Chemnitz since the city was shaken by far-right violence fell to Franziska Giffey, a young family minister who has only just joined the federal Cabinet. One of the first questions Giffey faced from reporters after a brief meeting with the city’s […]

Letter: Vote for education

How about that Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut? Chris Sununu appointed him although he knew nothing about N.H. public education, not even from his personal experience. He says public schools are failing. Not true. He wants vouchers paid from public school funds, but the vouchers help only the wealthy. Vouchers will cover a small portion […]