Category: Tech Updates

VIZIO Reference Series 120 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV Priced At $130,000

VIZIO as unveiled two new additions to its range of 4K Ultra HD TVs with the launch of the VIZIO Reference Series 120 inch Class Ultra HD Full‑Array LED Smart TV that is priced at $130,000 and available under special order. The new 4K TV is equipped with 384 Active LED Zones for precise contrast […]

PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote Launches Later This Month

Sony has announced that their new PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote will be available to purchase later this month, bringing with it a range of features and functionality to control a variety of devices on just your PS4. Even though the main function of the remote is to be able to control your PlayStation 4 […]

DJI Osmo Camera Offers Smooth 4K Ultra HD Recording

Today DJI has unveiled a new 4K Ultra HD handheld steady cam called the Osmo that has been created to help you create videos that are so smooth they could have been produced by a Hollywood production team. The DJI Osmo is equipped with a 12 megapixel 4K camera but has also been designed to […]

Kodak V20 Security Cam Launches For $150 As Nest Cam Competitor

Kodak has announced the launch of their new video monitor in the form of the Kodak V20 which has been designed to provide competition to Google’s Nest security camera that was previously known as Dropcam. The Kodak V20 is a detachable USB video camera that can be used for home security applications and provides an […]

CleverDrive Car Sensor Helps You Save Money On Petrol

Anyone looking to save money on their car petrol bills and also drive a little more efficiently and help the environment, may be interested in a new car sensor called the CleverDrive that has been created by German company Ascora. Once fitted to your car the CleverDrive sensor feeds data back to your mobile device […]

Mogees Sensor Converts Anything Into A Musical Instrument

Musicians looking to create some individual and very unique sounds might be interested in the new Mogees Sensor that has been created to transform any object into a musical instrument. The Mogees has been specifically designed for musicians to have a wealth of new creative possibilities and using the sensors companion application on either iOS […]

Glowforge 3D Laser Printer Now Available To Pre-Order From $1,995

Makers, developers and hobbyists that are looking for a way to engrave and laser cut flat materials, may be interested in the Glowforge 3D laser printer that is now available to preorder from $1,995. Glowforge uses a beam of laser light that measures the width of a human hair, to cut, engrave, and shape designs […]

New SwiftKey Neural Alpha Keyboard Is Powered By A Neural Network

SwiftKey has announced the launch of a new smartphone keyboard they have created that is very unique and is the very first to use a neural network. The SwiftKey Neural Alpha keyboard uses an artificial neural network, allowing it to make more meaningful and smarter suggestions to predict and correct language as users type, say […]

Blue Skies, Frozen Water Detected on Pluto

Pluto has blue skies and patches of frozen water, according to the latest data out Thursday from Nasa’s unmanned New Horizons probe, which made a historic flyby of the dwarf planet in July. Never before has Pluto a resident of the distant Kuiper Belt, a frigid region of the solar system beyond Neptune that is […]

Nasa Outlines Challenges With Manned Mission to Mars

Nasa on Thursday outlined the many challenges that remain before humans can set foot on Mars, calling the problems “solvable” but setting no firm date for an astronaut mission to the Red Planet. Updated details of the US space agency’s Mars strategy were contained in a 36-page document released to the public ahead of upcoming […]