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The Lifestyle Accessory Every Nashvillian Needs

The best luxury any of us can ask for in this fast-paced world is that of time and ease. And, when this comes wrapped in a fleet of luxury vehicles, all the better. Access by BMW is a new vehicle subscription service available exclusively in Nashville. Dubbed a “lifestyle accessory,” the service is simple yet sophisticated, allowing subscribers […]

For The love of a Horse

The horse plays a huge role in the history of humanity. Of course, horses have been work animals for humans since the beginning of time, and they have long been used in hunting and warfare, as transportation and as a defensive animal. Horses have long accepted their place as servants of humans and they work […]

Selecting a Place to Rent Furniture

Do you have an event coming up in the near future where you are inviting many people to your home? If this is the case, you will need to make sure that you have enough furniture so all of your guests feel comfortable. There are various companies that are in the business of renting furniture […]

Different types of bath tubs

Freestanding corner bath tubs may not be as well known as their drop-in cousins however there are some useful and in vogue models out there. In spite of the fact that a few sorts of corner bath tubs are bigger than others, they do as a rule amplify the space in the room by opening […]

Has Wetherspoons become Britain’s canteen?

Tuck in … a Wetherspoons full-English breakfast. Photograph: Bloomberg via Getty Images When you’re between houses, staying in bed and breakfasts or cheap hotels, your idea of what constitutes a good restaurant changes. Gone is the desire for something different or better than you’d get at home. Eating out for at least two meals a […]

Experience I am in constant pain

‘I have to accept I will be in pain every day of my life.’ Photograph: Karen Robinson for the Guardian I was watching television when the pain started. At first it was a distant ache in my ankles and legs, but within minutes it had spread to my hips and pelvis. I was a keen […]

How wool got cool

According to the knitting activist Betsy Greer, most people who knit have a realisation that leads them to it – a kind of woolly “Aha” moment. For some, it’s about learning at their grandmother’s knee, but for an increasing number of us it’s an experience in our 20s or 30s (or beyond) when a friend […]

Smashing pumpkins: inside the world of giant gourds

When Ian Paton first exposed his giant specimen in public, it caused pandemonium. “He’s using Viagra!” whined Hampshire pumpkin growers whose own girths paled in comparison to his 371kg fruit. “This is personal,” they complained as it was announced that he’d broken the UK’s biggest pumpkin record. The enraged competitors accused him of cheating,the squash-based […]

Kitchen gadgets review: the Fail-Safe Fondant Dessert Kit

The Fail-Safe Fondant Dessert Kit (£19.99, consists of cuffed silicone cylindrical moulds with flexible counterpart tray. Discs of frozen filling are baked in batter, the differential heat equation approximating a molten sponge cake. Why? Because the fondant stop at a pudding party, the fun don’t st– it’s a … never mind. Just enjoy some […]