If you’ve been recently diagnosed with glaucoma, you might be frightened and have lots of questions. It’s important to understand that this condition doesn’t have to interfere with your daily routine. Millions of people, both young and old, live unhindered by glaucoma and you can, too. Here are four tips for successfully living with glaucoma.

Tips for Living With Glaucoma

Learn All You Can

Your best defense against glaucoma is to become educated and learn all you can. Glaucoma is a highly treatable condition and most patients will never lose their eyesight. If caught early, chances are good that it won’t affect your vision at all and you’ll have few, if any symptoms.

Don’t Miss Appointments

One change that will occur after your initial glaucoma diagnosis Pittsburgh PA is that you’ll need to see your eye doctor more frequently. Even though glaucoma progresses slowly, it has to be monitored constantly. Glaucoma happens because of fluid pressure behind the eye, so your doctor will measure intraocular pressure at each appointment.

Never Skip Medication

Glaucoma is treated primarily with eye drops that help drain fluid and reduce pressure. You’ll need to use these for the rest of your life, but this easy treatment will quickly become part of your everyday regimen. There are many types of eye drops and your doctor will prescribe the right one for you.

Talk About Your Diagnosis

Finding others that share your glaucoma diagnosis can be a terrific outlet. Support groups are available online for both young and older people. You’ll be able to trade advice and stores with others that know exactly what you’re talking about.

Manage Your Glaucoma

Understanding glaucoma can turn a seemingly scary situation into one that you’re comfortable with. Educating yourself, going to your appointments and taking medications will allow you to manage your glaucoma without ever worrying about losing your vision.