IIT Hyderabad Startup Ties With Japanese Company To Manufacture Smart Home Products

IIT Hyderabad Startup Ties With Japanese Company To Manufacture Smart Home Products


The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT Hyderabad) startup CRIOT Innovations and Japanese firm, Technocorpus, will collaborate on building dynamic smart home products that adapt to user behaviour. The collaboration with the Japanese Company will “revolutionize the human authentication process using behavior and lifestyle monitoring”, said a statement issued by IIT Hyderabad.

CRIOT aims to make this smart home automation available to the average consumer. “In the future, we also intend to secure IoT [or Internet-of-Things] devices from cyber-attacks using the latest technologies like block chain and AI,” added a statement issued by IIT Hyderabad.

The project, started on June 15, involves ten products for its first phase which will extend till September 24. CRIOT is looking at a potential second phase for this project with 250 products.

The IIT Hyderabad statement said: “As a part of the collaborative project named MITHRA – CRIOT, CRIOT will be delivering its product named CRIOT Interface, which plays a crucial role in collecting data for the behavioral analysis of users. The data collected through the CRIOT Interface and MITHRA application will be used for Lifestyle Authentication Research in Yamaguchi-Lab, Social ICT Research Center, the University of Tokyo.”

Smart Homes

The unique features of the dynamic smart homes made by CRIOT will include “auto user-customized products requiring no manual interaction, supporting the safety of elderly people and children without breaching their privacy like auto lighting adjustment system to optimize the lighting at home, anti-theft mode to secure homes, and affordable, adaptable, well-connected system”.

Prof BS Murty, Director, IIT Hyderabad, appraising the collaboration said in the statement: “CRIOT-MITHRA Project addresses an important aspect of security as part of daily life, and I wish its successful implementation. The project is also a remarkable milestone to further accelerate Indo-Japan collaborations in various dimensions. The Market is global. Having CRIOT as a good example, I wish other IIT Hyderabad born startups will also actively seek overseas collaboration and business opportunities as a part of their strategy.”