Giving back, whether by donating your time, energy or skills, is good not only for the community but also for your own well-being. It’s also a great way to learn new skills and become a more well-rounded person. If you’re looking for some simple ways you can serve your community, check these out.

10 Examples of Great Community Service Projects | Operation Warm

Become a Notary

Notaries are appointed public officials that witness the signing of important documents like contracts, adoption papers and mortgage documents. This may seem unexciting, but communities are often in need of more notaries, and you can help the disadvantaged in your community by offering low-cost notarizations. To get started, you’ll need to submit an application, complete any necessary steps required by your state and buy supplies including a notary stamp and seal package.

Donate Blood

Blood donations are consistently needed for people in all sorts of situations, including those who’ve lost blood from injuries, those with severe anemia and those undergoing complex surgeries. It’s often said that if you donate blood, you save a life. If your blood is separated into plasma, red cells and platelets, it can help even more people. To find a donation center, you can check the Red Cross website. Although most healthy people are eligible, check your local center’s guidelines to make sure you qualify.

Volunteer However You Can

The most obvious way to give back to your community is to volunteer. This could include more organized volunteer organizations like Habitat for Humanity or the American Red Cross. It could also include helping the elderly at nursing homes, mentoring children or teenagers for youth organizations or taking care of animals at an animal shelter. However, there are little ways you can volunteer your time and energy every day, like going for a walk to pick up litter or going out of your way to perform a random act of kindness.

Even if you can’t put aside a lot of time for volunteering, there are easy ways you can give back. Try adding some of them to your daily, weekly or monthly schedule, and your community will thank you.