3 Things Every Student Should Do Before Going to College

Attending university is one of the most important decisions a young person can make. Higher education not only sets a student on a career path that will shape the rest of his or her professional life, but also introduces individuals to a diversity of thought and potentially life-changing experiences. Success in college is not guaranteed, however, with graduation rates for undergrads hovering at just around 60 percent. The key to making it through college lies in being prepared, and the following are three things every student should consider before heading to university.

The Secret): Here are 3 Things Every College Student Must Know ...

Apply for Financial Aid

The rising cost of tuition forces many students to leave school, and those who stay often must seek the assistance of student loans. Upon graduation, however, these students face the seemingly insurmountable task of paying off an average of more than $31,000 in student loan debt. Instead of facing a lifetime of debt, enroll for financial aid programs that could help pay for tuition in the way of grants, scholarships and work-study opportunities.

Arrange for Housing

While most universities offer boarding, students are left hoping for a reasonable roommate. Some undergrads prioritize socializing over studying, and it can create a difficult dynamic when sharing a space with one who takes his or her academics seriously. That is one of the reasons why some incoming students pursue off-campus accommodations, and by beginning the search for housing for students san jose ca or in the university’s area early, he or she can have the situation remedied before the homework piles up.

Continue Your Studies

It may not be a student’s idea of a perfect summer, but taking classes at a community college can be quite helpful. Earning college credits early in your scholastic career will grant for a more lenient schedule during a senior year spent balancing intense coursework and a grueling job search. Additionally, enrolling in prerequisite courses at community college allows students to dive into more interesting studies at university.

For college students, homework starts before classes even begin. These three tasks will help set the stage for academic success.