For those with limited mobility, exercise and walking are still keys to living a healthy lifestyle. However, the basic, boring look of gray walkers might soon become an eyesore. With the right accessories, any mundane walker can be upgraded into something more comfortable and lively. Image result for 5 Accessories To Upgrade Any Walker


Just like on a bicycle, adding a basket to the front side of a walker can give its user the ability to easily store and transport objects. Now, both hands can be focused on guiding the walker for maximum control.


Four-legged walkers provide maximum support, but they lack mobility and ease of movement. That can be partially fixed by outfitting a walker with wheels. Look for wheels that are both durable but easy to replace.

Tennis Balls

Walkers tend to loudly clang around when used. This can be solved with Precut Tennis Balls. Additionally, whereas walkers can tear up hardwood and tile floors, adding tennis balls gives the walker legs softer bottoms, which end up protecting floors.

Padded Handgrips

For those who would like to add some comfort to their walkers, consider looking into padded handgrips. These can also provide a better grip on the handles, especially convenient for those with arthritis or other chronic pain.

Cup Holders and Trays

For those always on the go, adding a tray on a walker gives the user a place to put food, and some even have coasters built in. Separate cup holders can also be placed on the sides of a walker for bottles of liquid. Some trays can be placed lower on the walker for use as a seat, providing even more versatility. Adding accessories to a walker may not only create aesthetic value, but there may be functional purposes as well. Benefits such as ease of movement and storage can allow users to offset some of the drawbacks walkers are known for.