The Difference Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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If you are an owner of a business, you are entirely responsible for anything that can potentially go wrong. Most businesses primarily conduct business online, and internet servers are far from being impeccable. Outages are hardly ever predicted, but enterprises need to have a system in place to recover from complete dysfunction. It is essential to distinguish the difference between business continuity and disaster recovery when thinking about these types of scenarios. The former supersedes and needs to be considered before the latter.

Understanding Business Continuity

In a perfect world, your business would function without a hiccup in operations, and you would always be able to service consumers. However, business owners need to remain realistic and understand the probability of unforeseen circumstances. No business runs a perfect operation and mistakes can happen. However, companies need a business continuity strategy to ensure they can function after a critical failure. In the event of a business catastrophe, businesses must be prepared to evaluate opportunity costs. To continue operating until business hours conclude, you may need to reduce or remove certain services to remain operational.

Understanding Disaster Recovery

The business continuity plan is usually put into place when owners make drastic changes to existing business functionality. A significant shift in business operations can involve installing a new security system or creating new company software for example. If we remain focused on the software example, countless things can go wrong when rolling out a new method for consumer use. Disaster recovery measures are enacted to provide solutions to these potential problems. An example of a possible plan involves an immediate roll-back to the previous system to allow for business continuity.

Business disasters are unexpected events, and owners must be able to react accordingly. With proper preparation, these disasters can quickly vanish by utilizing appropriate personnel.