One sign of growth in a city is a skyline filled with construction cranes as new building sprout up and renovations transform neighborhoods. If you are looking at bringing your general contracting business to a new city, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

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How Will You Get Your Materials to a Worksite?

If you need to do heavy equipment hauling in Los Angeles, you need to find someone who is well-prepared for navigating the 405 and tight corners, local regulations for moving close to electric lines and roads weight limitations and has open lines of communication so that your business doesn’t get sidetracked by delays.

How Will You Make Your Bids Accurately?

Your bottom line will shift with city and county labor regulations, transportation costs, and Environmental Protection Agency protocols. You need to find an accountant and legal team who is familiar with the region’s laws to keep you in compliance and on budget as you break into the new market and prevent lawsuits and hefty fines from failure to observe established rules.

How Will You Market Yourself?

As the old adage goes: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. General contracting is no different, and it is important to build your reputation as well as your projects. Even if you are too busy to network yourself, you need to have a team who is able to go to events and rub elbows with potential clients. Word-of-mouth recommendations can only happen if you have those first owners to rave about the work from your project.

Scaling your business and breaking ground in new regions isn’t as simple as copy-pasting your methodology from your first location. It is important to have knowledgeable experts surrounding you to keep you with your head above water as you start working in a new part of California.