3 Crucial Pieces of Safety Equipment for Riding a Motorcycle

There are few feelings more liberating than jumping on your bike and cruising down the open road. One of the only ones that can surpass that is the feeling of having your head liberated from your body during a huge crash, but that’s usually not something you’d want. Given you’re trading a lot of the safety inherent within a car when you hop on your motorcycle, it’s up to you to make up for it with the proper protection. Here are three crucial pieces of safety equipment for riding a motorcycle.

1. Helmets

Always wear your helmet. Is this even an issue anymore? It sure seems like it given the number of people that flat out ignore this simple step. If you’d like to test the durability of your skull against the pavement, good luck with that. It’s pretty unlikely for your skull to ever come out the victor in that fight, though.

2. Heavy Clothes

Considering your helmet only covers a small portion of your body and you do, in fact, have a lot more body than just what’s covered, heavy clothes are a must for riding your bike. Sturdy boots, Kevlar gloves, leather motorcycle jackets, and more should all be in your closet. You might even want to splurge for a bespoke riding suit if you’re serious about safety and looks.

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3. Medical Kits

Instead of something you wear on your body, this point is for something you should always keep with you. Being able to patch yourself up a bit before the paramedics get there can be instrumental in preventing permanent injury or death (provided you’re in the condition to move). More importantly, this logic applies tenfold to those who haven’t been taking any of this advice and get into a crash near you.

Riding a motorcycle is fun, but safety makes it a lot more fun and less dangerous. Make sure you remember these three pieces of safety equipment the next time you’re heading out on your bike.