Automation has long been heralded as the future of business, and there are plenty of examples in today’s world to show how automation and advanced machinery can cut costs and save manhours. From self-check-out at the grocery store to ATMs to newer inventions such as self-driving lawnmowers and vehicles, the world is becoming a less work-intensive place to live in. No matter what type of business you operate, there are certainly ways to increase your level of technology or automation to save time and effort for yourself and your staff. The key is thinking outside of the box to find new ways to make your work easier.

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Production-based firms with a physical product could all benefit from updated or additional machinery as they grow. However, sometimes an additional investment in infrastructure for other types of firms might allow for time to be spent on other things. For example, even a small, organic nursery could save time and money by setting up a pair of ribbon blenders to produce their own soil blends and mix compost. Manual labor becomes machined, and in startups or organizations with a small team, properly managing your personnel’s time is critical to success.


Simplifying things such as accounting, scheduling, networking, and sales, software has evolved a lot since the days of dial-up. Chances are, if there’s something clerical slowing you down or drawing your attention away from other things, it can be automated or simplified through a more advanced software set up for your business.


The least obvious of these solutions, outsourcing has gotten a bad rap lately. But, sending jobs too time-consuming for your team to other firms or freelancers is a great way to help your business scale up while remaining lean and flexible. Oftentimes, freelancers can provide affordable top talent for businesses who don’t quite need to hire a new staff member for the new tasks required.