The Right Clothing for Women Who Want to Carry a Concealed Weapon

Finding the right clothing to carry a concealed weapon can be more difficult for women than men. A woman’s body has more curves, and they do not want to constantly walk around in baggy clothes. Fortunately, with concealed carry becoming more popular, there are different types of clothing that will allow women to look good, be comfortable, and carry their weapon without advertising that they are armed.

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Waistband Carrying

One of the places many people, women and men, like to carry is in the waistband. While you want to have access to your gun, you want it to remain hidden until it is needed. Shorts or leggings can still be worn when you choose a type that has concealment pockets in the back. They can be purchased with pockets on the left and right side, so they work for left- or right-handed people. The extra pocket can be used for ammunition.

The leggings or shorts can be worn with any type of shirt that covers the gun. Since the pocket helps to keep the gun flat to the body, there is no bulge to notice. The shorts can even be worn under jeans or other types of pants to help keep your firearm in place and inconspicuous. An example of a company that offers womens gun apparel is UnderTech UnderCover.


Tank tops, tee shirts, and even sports bras can be a good way for women to conceal carry. The type with pockets underneath the left and right arm can be covered with an over shirt, and no one is the wiser. Your firearm is easy to access, and because of the location it is not visible.

Skinny jeans have gained in popularity in recent years, but if you want to carry your gun in an ankle holster, you should wear straight leg pants. If not, your gun is going to be quite noticeable. While you want to exercise your right to carry a concealed weapon, you do not want to advertise this fact and cause people to panic.