Got Car Problems? Simple Fixes for Everyday Issues

In many regions, driving your car to work or school is commonplace. It’s the easiest way to get around. These vehicles aren’t free from defects, however. Learn how you can fix these simple defects so that your next ride is trouble free.

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Squealing Brakes

You might suddenly hear sounds coming from your brakes at some point on the road. Brake pads and drums wear down over time. They might require an adjustment or outright replacement. Take a look at your brake-fluid level too. Those sounds could be the result of a low, fluid level. Don’t allow the brakes to continue with their squealing. Real damage can be the result.

Mysterious Leak

There’s a mysterious puddle under your car. It may be a slow leak too. Consider an examination of the seals or gaskets within the engine compartment. What is a hydraulic seal? These seals hold the fluids within your vehicle. They’re also used in countless other devices. Replacing the seals will typically stop any leaks from continuing.

Dashboard Light

Lights that illuminate on your dashboard have a clear purpose. They’re simply notifying you of an anomaly in the system. Don’t ignore the light. Look at the offending issue. Fix the issue if one is present. These lights might malfunction at times, however, so clear the dashboard by using an engine-computer module. Telling the computer that everything is normal will keep your dashboard free from any extra lights.

Hesitant Ignition

The ignition system consists of the battery, starter and alternator. If you notice that the ignition isn’t responding as well as it used to do, take a look at these individual components. Batteries will go out after a few years. The starter and alternator can fail at certain points as well.

It will be necessary to put some money into the car at times. Regular maintenance will help you avoid major problems. Change the oil, rotate the tires and follow the service schedule as closely as possible. Your car can last for a decade or more with the proper attention.