Month: August 2018

Consider this saviour in real estate

These days one gets to hear about ‘Title Insurance’ especially from people connected to real estate. Let us try and understand what this new insurance cover is. Title related dispute is like a hanging sword, the danger lurks and makes one feel uneasy, if the said immovable property has no assurance on the title. If […]

Indiegogo is selling real estate shares on the blockchain

Indiegogo is promoting a new real estate scheme, where people can buy shares of the St. Regis Aspen hotel, in the form of digital tokens. The hotel is looking for $12 million of investment in security tokens. Accredited investors can buy Aspen Coins through an SEC-registered broker-dealer using US dollars, Bitcoin or ether, beginning tomorrow […]

How artificial intelligence is making the education system more relevant?

When we think of artificial intelligence, there is a hardwired imagery of gigantic thinking machines working in sci-fi environment. This imagery often comes from the science fiction that we have been watching or reading since childhood. However, deep diving suggests that artificial intelligence is an advanced form of algorithm that empowers machines to emulate human […]

Why choose a career in real estate industry?

Do you know that one of India’s fastest growing industries is predicted to require 66 million core specialists by 2022? As per National Skill Development Council (NSDC) report, Real Estate sector in India at its revival stage has plenty of job opportunities. The employment ranges for three divisions of people – fresher’s looking to build […]

With luck, maybe kids will learn fractions again: It’s time Ontario education got back to basics

Emily Brown sees the fruits of Ontario’s school system every day. She’s a math professor at Sheridan College in Toronto. “My students have huge gaps in the fundamentals,” she told me. “I’m teaching business calculus and algebra to students who have no understanding of fractions. They don’t understand that half the cake is the same […]

An educational system not fit for purpose

Government reforms to the curriculum and exam assessment are out of kilter with good educational practice and the wider skills and competencies that employers’ organisations like the CBI have identified as being a desirable outcome of the education system (We need an alternative to universities, 17 August). To this list can be added the fragmentation […]