DC Get’s The Style Scoop At “What Do You Know About Fashion?”

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In a political arena like the Nation’s Capitol, fashion is almost unheard of if you’re not talking D.C. Fashion Week or creating your own fashion arena to walk it like you talk it. That’s why wardrobe stylist and personal shopper Mr. Brian Lamont brought fashion industry leaders based in the DMV together to discuss the truth and myths behind the field with the “What Do You Know About Fashion” panel and networking discussion.

“I just love seeing people dress nice. The process of getting clothing from different boutiques, showrooms, connecting with other wardrobe stylists, fashion influencers…I love it,” said Lamont to D.C. editor Micha Green on Facebook Live. “It’s not like I just started doing it, it’s been with me.”

On June 29, at Red Rocks on H Street, more than 10 fashion designers and influencers, including CEO of The Valdecio Collection Byron “Mr. Valdecio” Garrett, media personality Ashleigh Demi, wardrobe stylists Juvaughn Scurlock and CEO of The Joy of Styling Joy Copeland, as well as many more supported Lamont to help bring the conversation about fashion to life.

“I just wanted people to connect with me,” said Lamont who’s based in D.C. “I feel like when I first came here, I didn’t get that, but that’s how I see D.C. now. Everyone is on the same grind, everyone want’s to be on the same platform interacting with each other.”

The panelists discussed how many may think they know about fashion, while some are so talented in that field it just comes naturally, but it’s more than just about looking good. “It’s a little bit more to that…I want people to know that,” said Lamont.

There’s blood, sweat and tears put into such a passionate, competitive and creative career. “You don’t know the hours to put it all in,” he said.

Fashion conversations in the D.C. Metropolitan area are slowly climbing up the ranks and industry professional are encouraging the next generation of creatives to keep the conversation going.

“I just put my best foot forward and stay true to who I am,” he said.