Month: July 2018

Technology and real estate must blend together to flourish

Technology and data have not just influenced, but also reshaped the way the world communicates.  Riding the wave of mobile penetration, we are witnessing a host of ways on how information is relayed to individual consumers, in a manner of their preference. The Indian market is perpetually on its feet, with consumers demanding quick, speedy, […]

Forget North Korea. The Biggest Threat to America Is Its Education System

Betsy DeVos, secretary of education in U.S. President Donald Trump’s cabinet, on Wednesday proposed restricting forgiveness of loans for students defrauded by for-profit colleges. The Obama administration passed a law that helped such students, recognizing the huge debt burdening a whole generation of young people for years to come, and trying to stop the fraudulent schemes […]

Missouri center aims to promote black history education

COLUMBIA (AP) — University of Missouri educators hope a newly launched center will help improve black history education. The Carter Center aims to conduct research on black history education, enhance K-12 instruction and design curriculums, the Columbia Missourian reported. The center opening follows protests in 2015 by a black student activist group, Concerned Student 1950, […]

Oppo R17 Reportedly Teased in China, Tipped to Sport 10GB of RAM

Chinese company Oppo launched the R15 and R15 Dream Mirror Edition in March this year in the Chinese market, and the company has already started teasing its successor at events. The company’s alleged upcoming device Oppo R17 is now reportedly being teased at Oppo-sponsored events, hinting at an imminent launch. The smartphone has also been tipped to sport a mammoth 10GB of RAM. […]

Amazon, Microsoft Jostle as Pentagon Calls for Cloud Contract Bids

US defence officials unveiled Thursday a much-anticipated final request for tech firms to bid on a massive contract to provide the Pentagon with a comprehensive cloud computing service. Tech titans including Amazon and Microsoft have already spent months jockeying for a winning offer on the prestigious contract, which could be worth as much as $10 billion (roughly Rs. 68,500 […]

Google Uses Physical USB Security Keys to Prevent Employee Phishing

For more than a year, none of Google’s over 85,000 employees have been hacked, thanks to physical security keys that have replaced one-time codes at their workplace. Security Keys are USB-based devices that offer an alternative approach to two-factor authentication (2FA). In 2FA, users log into a website using a password and then enter an additional one-time […]

Facebook Is Reportedly Planning to Launch a Low Earth Orbit Internet Satellite

Facebook, which earlier this year abandoned plans to build its own passenger jet-sized, solar powered drones to provide internet access in remote stretches of the world, is once again pursuing plans to launch satellites to do the job instead. According to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by Wired, the Federal Communications Commission has met several times with […]