Google Search Gets a New ‘Recent’ Tab for Android

Google has rolled out a new Recent tab in its search app, and it lets you navigate through your previous searches in a more organised manner. The feature was being tested on Android for a while, but it’s now said to be available for everyone to use.

Android Authority was the first one to spot the feature, and the Recent tab groups related searches together for comparison, and even lets you delete them in a single swipe up. The new tab shows up as the top option in the navigation bar, and clicking on it will throw a small tutorial telling you how the tab works.

Google Search Gets a New 'Recent' Tab for Android

“The pages that you have seen on this device are ordered by time and grouped by search query. Pages in Recent are only on this device and are separate from your My Activity data – changes in one won’t affect the other,” the dialog box notes.

This means that using Google search on another device with the same login won’t throw the same results, and the Recent tab only shows data based on searches on that specific Android device only. The pages in the Recent tab are also grouped with priority given to the latest searches over dated ones.

The tutorial essentially explains in detail how the new tab works, and it can also be disabled if you wish to. Head to the Settings menu in the navigation bar, click on Accounts and privacy, and toggle off ‘Enable Recent’. This feature is only exclusive to Android users for now, and there’s no word on iOS availability. Ensure that you are on the latest version of the Google app for Android to spot the feature.