For app developers to maximise their app returns, they will need an app monetization specialist from a high-performance mobile advertising agency. This specialist can help developers to connect with premium advertisers and ensure that the smartest ads are shown every time, resulting in exceptional campaign performance and maximised app returns.



App monetization is crucial for all app developers, from small indie developer’s right through to larger ones. In order to maximise your app returns, you will need to be matched with the best-fit advertising partners and have access to the world’s top in-app advertisers, and this will bring you privileged access to limited release and high-performance ad campaigns. Of course, not all developers have access to this, which is why it is important for those looking to maximise their returns to seek the services of high-performance mobile advertising agencies. These agencies connect lead developers and advertisers together through partner matching technology, which will result in exceptional results for both the advertiser and developer.

For developers, these high-performance mobile advertising agencies will provide you with an app monetization specialist. This specialist will help with monetization strategies and ad placement, and ensure that the smartest and most effective ads are used each and every time. They will utilise the hardest working mobile ad formats, and this is a great way to boost your app revenue. These mobile ad formats include native ads which are seamlessly interlaced into the app layout for a non-intrusive experience, video ads which are immersive and promote strong user engagement, and interstitials which are highly targeted and full-screen ads which are best placed at the start or in-between levels. These are particularly effective advert formats, but you will also need to be matched with premium advertisers.


Many mobile advertising agencies have direct relationships with the top in-app advertisers, and you can get matched with the best-fit premium ad partners through the use of clever partner matching technology. This will deliver an optimised campaign performance for both the developer and the advertiser, and will result in exceptional results. In addition to iTunes app monetization services, many of these mobile advertising agencies also provide developers with a range of fantastic analytics and tools. These enable you to build the best possible app for your users and engage your user base without all the hard work. Typically, this includes mobile analytics, install attribution and crash analytics. With these, you can grow your user base and create the best possible app experience for your base.


All app developers will want to monetize their apps and maximise returns, and in order for this to happen, they will need to have a dedicated monetization specialist from a high-performance mobile advertising agency. These specialists will match you with premium advertisers, assist with monetization specialists and ensure that the smartest and most effective ads are used every single time. This will result in high-performance campaigns and exceptional results for both the app and advertiser.

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