Smart watches are the latest development in mobile technology and product design. The display of a typical smart watch supports apps, chats, text, and WiFi functions. Whereas this technology is relatively new and people can’t see how casinos can make good use of it, a few casino houses have already begun designing slots that will be considered smartwatch-friendly.

Playing games for money on your smartwatch

All Slots casino is considering the option of adding even more slots that are smartwatch-compatible into their existing portfolio. If they do this successfully, it will see smartwatch enthusiasts gaming for real money on the go. How this is going to be achieved is something that isn’t clear yet, which drives us to the following question;

Smartwatch casino gaming for real money is good, but where’s the screen?

It’s obvious to everyone that smartwatch displays are much smaller than those of cell phones or tablets.

So how exactly are slots to be played on smart watches?

Well, experts are of the opinion that where games exist, players will somehow utilize them regardless of the platform in which they exist in. This view sits well with the swift action of online casinos to design slot games purposely for smartwatch use.



Microgaming Company has been so instrumental in designing cutting-edge online gambling software solutions. So far, they have gone a notch higher to develop numerous move-themed slots including the highly desired roulette games that are currently being tested before going to the market in full throttle.

This is the very first time people are learning that a casino software developer is creating something that is dynamically designed for use in a smartwatch setup. It is now confirmed that these games can be played for real money – of course when you connect your smartwatch to a casino gaming platform.

At the moment, not much information is circulating about the extent of slots game menus that is available for smartwatch play. Secondly, it is not clear whether the relevant casino houses will launch interactive gaming for smartwatch technology. This is because responsive technology has some unique challenges when implemented within the realm of interactive gaming.


Where the industry is right now

More casinos are developing gambling solutions that are mobile-based to net a wide customer base. Thus far, experience has taught that high quality solutions are not found in random apps which are laying in the app stores. Instead, these solutions are provided by top-rated casinos like All Slots casino. Users would actually prefer taking advantage of mobile casino slots created by well-known online casino software developers. Honestly, these tech firms power the most highly regarded casino and betting platforms on the internet. They are truly qualified experts who have remained in the market for so long. So when they design a smartwatch casino slot for real money, they are able to engineer something that is safe and high-performance. They don’t operate like random developers who only start existing the moment they develop their first app which is not even based on extensive research to begin with.



If you want to try your hands on a smartwatch slots for real money, you need to head to All Slots Casino and sign up. They support desktop, mobile as well as tablet use. Once you sign up for an account and fund it, you can easily navigate their site with your smartwatch. The fun can begin afterwards.