Month: July 2016

Maximise ITunes app monetization through mobile advertising agencies

 For app developers to maximise their app returns, they will need an app monetization specialist from a high-performance mobile advertising agency. This specialist can help developers to connect with premium advertisers and ensure that the smartest ads are shown every time, resulting in exceptional campaign performance and maximised app returns. ______________________________________________________________________   App monetization is […]

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Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, which includes non balanced diets, irregular exercises, many are suffering with the problem of obesity. This is the major problem around the world, even a small kid under 15 years of age experiencing this complexity in a huge way. Even though there are a large number of wide variety of […]

Is playing games for money on your smartwatch a reality?

Smart watches are the latest development in mobile technology and product design. The display of a typical smart watch supports apps, chats, text, and WiFi functions. Whereas this technology is relatively new and people can’t see how casinos can make good use of it, a few casino houses have already begun designing slots that will […]