Apart from the popularity of bulk SMS as a faster, economical, personal means of promotion it has different uses in every type of business. In fact, any business that wishes to keep customers favoring them needs to use bulk SMS service provider.

A bulk SMS service provider typically offers the SMS gateway that may be used by its subscribers to send SMS to customers. On the other hand, an SMS reseller is someone who purchases SMS messages in large quantity from wireless carriers so that every SMS has a minimum price. They will then sell these SMS messages at a bigger cost to customers. Therefore, this is not a mobile network operator, but a business entity that offers SMS messaging services.

There are a number of factors to think about when choosing a bulk SMS provider.


The price of service is probably the most significant factor. Generally, providers of bulk messaging services may be break down into two categories on the basis of how customers are anticipated to pay. These two categories are credit and SMS based. In the primary case, customers purchase a number of credits from the gateway service provider. You are charged by the number of SMS delivered and the price is location based. In the secondary case, bulk SMS is bought and the cost of delivering them is same rather than destination.

When calculating the cost, it is significant to find out if there is any hidden cost or fee. Some service providers do not stipulate all their fees in their pricing page. So, if a bulk SMS service provider looks very cheap, you may find that you are asked to pay extra fee in one or the other form.


Other requirements

It is essential to know whether the Transactional SMS gateway provider has any buying requirements or not. For instance, some services may need you to purchase a least possible number of credits every month. If you are just beginning a SMS campaign, it is better to go for a service provider who does not have any minimum buying requirement. If your business increases, you always have the privilege to buy more.



In some conditions, SMS gateway providers make it necessary for customers to use up the credit within a specified time-period. After that period, you cannot use the SMS service any more as these would have come to an end. These restrictions may be too prescribed in case of small businesses and companies that have just begun.


Network coverage and quality

You must select a service provider who can send messages to your intended destination. Network coverage is significant and some providers give a small number of free messages so you can check network coverage.

Some SMS API service providers give reasonable services, but their network quality is not so good. Sometimes, messages reach the target place after a very long delay. Such kinds of service providers must be ignored.


Payment options

Most of the SMS service providers give the facility of online payment. Some also accept other payment options such as PayPal. It is significant to collect the appropriate information regarding payment options.


Proper account management

Ultimately, your SMS service provider must provide you with a web based management system that permits you to find out your usage easily, fast and effectively. The interface must be simple as well. It must also provide great customer support as and when you require.

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