It is said, ‘Formal education will help you make a living, and whereas self-learning will help you make a fortune’. There is no self-learning better than online education. The moment you stop learning, you become stagnant. Distance education has stood the test of time and risen high. If is told something, it may be forgotten, but if the same thing is shown or demonstrated, it will be remembered. If the student is involved in the subject, learning is assured.  Online education has helped many a student fulfill the aspiration for higher studies in the face of setbacks from career, family, time constraints, etc.

Online Education

Online education makes all resources available to you, and you must make the required effort to understand and learn. This self-learning process can teach you lessons of life and help you hone your concentration, discipline, and other qualities which are bound to benefit you all walks of life. Online courses are imparted through recorded lectures, live streaming videos, e-books, live chat sessions, webinars, video conferencing etc. Some universities like Bharathidasan University have come up with a tech-savvy idea of a smartphone application for online education. The also provide student portal links where the course contents, e-books, recorded lectures, assignments, etc. are uploaded to enable students to utilize them according to their convenience.

MBA in Finance

Finance management is basically procurement, allocation and controlled utilization of finances. MBA in finance include areas like statistics, leadership, economy, strategy, accounting, etc. The two-year course deals with business fundamentals in the first year whilst in the second year handles finance related topics like the global economy, stock market analysis, risk management, bankruptcy, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, e-commerce and digital marketing. Every firm deals with finances, hence, MBA in finance has great scope and career opportunities for students. You can be placed as an investment analyst, financial risk manager, investment banker, financial analyst, consultant or manager, treasurer, etc.

MBA in General Management

MBA in general management deals with the how, what, and when of a business or an organisation. A general management graduate works at bringing together workers, managers, customers, and projects. He or she aims to monitor the general operations of an organization. This two-year MBA course covers topics like accounting, business and public policy, marketing, finance, operations management, economy analysis, etc. General management teaches you problem-solving, risk management, change management, handling day-to-day issues, analytical thinking, and teamwork. A global outlook and experience are very much revered in this field. Job opportunities are abundant, in the private sector and public sector as well.

Go ahead and get yourself an MBA today, and begin your journey on the path of a rewarding career.