The Good: If you wish to buy an elementary espresso machine at minimum prices, then it is suggested you opt for Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine. This machine will give you some extra features apart from the basic one. Once you have begun using it, I am sure you would find it better than other competitors in the market.

The Bad: One of the most important drawbacks with the boilers is they are prone to corrosion. This happens due to temperature variations faced by material. The suggested precaution one must take is avoiding hard tap water instead bottled water should be used on this machine.

The Bottom Line: This is a semi-automatic espresso machine and is available at low budget, thus making it reachable for almost all the customers around the world. While comparing prices with quality, you will find that quality has an edge which is one of the reasons this machine should be preferred in comparisons to other machines in the market.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

If you are planning to buy an Espresso Machine at low price having all necessary features; you can simply opt for Gaggia 14101 Classic Brushed Stainless Steel Espresso Machine. It is true that you may not find all the advanced features in this machine; but when you will compare the price of other similar machines of other brands, you will find Gaggia 14101 Classic Brushed Stainless Steel Espresso Machine much better.

The machine has been designed by a renowned name Gaggia of Italy, which is known for its name around the market. High standard filters of 58 mm have been used in the machines which are generally found in models that are available at very high prices. The manufacturers of this machine has given due consideration to quality and needs of its customers.

The material used in the machine is stainless steel which is equipped with high-voltage boiler, 17 ½ bar pump and expansion valve. The 3-way solenoid valve is meant for releasing the pressure so that you restart the process of filling instantly. Not only this, you have the option to get two shots of espresso at the same time warming water for tea or coffee. There is facility of keeping 72 ounces of water reserved so that you may get a high grade coffee.

Features of Gaggia 14101 Classic Brushed Stainless Steel Espresso Machine

Designed in Italy, it has numerous features that are apart from its budget pricing and facilities offered.

  • The machine has brass filters that are chrome-plated. This keeps the temperature within limits and steady for brewing as well as extraction process. Thus, you get the advanced quality espresso all the times.
  • The diameter of porta-filter and body is 58 mm. It enables the even distribution of water to all areas. So, the quality of brew received by you is the finest and highest.
  • It has aluminum boiler which is most suitable conductor of heat. This causes even distribution of heat along with the low-volume and high-wattage setting. This results in quick heating in minimum time.
  • The machine has high level of control, efficiency, longevity and consistency in all the operations because it is provided with chrome-plated porta-filters. The heat is stabilized in all the operations and the reliability of machine is at par with other machines available in the market.
  • You get the indication of temperature with help of lights and you may have full control over temperature with the help of 3-rocker arm switch. Additionally, you are provided with a steam switch. Nothing goes out of your control at any moment.
  • With the help of Pannarello steam wand you get the brewing perfectly along with steamy froth.
  • This machine provides you a cup warmer also which is big enough to pre-heat upto 5 cups at a time. This has been done keeping in mind the fashion if serving true espresso in preheated cup. You will be surprised to know that the cup warmer does not consume any extra power; rather it utilizes residual heat of boiler.

Final Verdict

Your search for a good, state of art designed espresso machine ends here. Just go for high-end, best quality Gaggia 14101 classic Brushed stainless steel semi-automatic espresso machine. This is easily available in the market and you may buy it from nearby stores or order it online.