Spin Bikes, which are also known as indoor cycles, are necessary exercise equipment which is used by people to stay fit and lose weight as well. These bikes come with a heavy and a weighted flywheel which makes them different from any other regular bikes. This flywheel is directly linked to the pedals mechanically. Due to this linkage, if you stop pushing the pedals, then it will still tend to keep spinning. This happens due to the flywheel’s inertia. This is almost opposite to regular bikes because they come with some kind of freewheel system which allows their wheel to spin freely after you stop pedaling. This is what makes exercising on a spin bike much more beneficial to our body.

But when you go out to buy a spin bike you will come across various different models at various price categories which will make it really difficult for you to choose one amongst them. This is why we have mentioned 5 facts below which you should consider while buying a spin bike.

Flywheel Weight

Flywheel is the backbone of a spin bike. It is situated at the front of the spin bike. To describe it in general terms we can say that the flywheel is the wheel which moves when you pedal the spin bike. Flywheel’s weight is very important because the higher the weight of the flywheel is, the smoother the motion will be. For home use, most people buy spin bikes under $500 having a flywheel weight of around 18kg, whereas for commercial use spin bikes having a flywheel weight of around 20-22kg are preferred. You should never go for a spin bike having a flywheel weight less than 16kg. Various brands and models manufacture spin bikes with different flywheel weights therefore you must definitely look out for this before purchasing a Spin bike.

Drive System

This is also one of the most important things to look out before buying a spin bike. Generally, there are two different types of drive systems in a spin bike. One is the chain drive system while other is the belt drive system. We think that you should always prefer the belt driven spin bikes. This is because of the fact that a spin bike having a belt driven system is much quieter when compared with the chain driven bike. It also requires less maintenance. Besides this, you can also adjust the belt easily whenever necessary.

Braking System

This is another important aspect which you need to take care of while purchasing a spin bike. You should know that there are three different types of braking systems. These are fabric pad system, leather pad system and the magnetic breaking system. These can be explained as-

  • Fabric pads – These are generally found on entry level and cheap home use spin bikes.
  • Leather pads – These are usually found on the high end and expensive spin bikes which are commonly used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. These last longer than the fabric pads.
  • Magnetic Breaking – Magnetic braking systems have a no contact system due to which they function silently. These have a greater range of resistance and require no maintenance or replacement for a long period of time. This type of breaking system is highly recommended and you should try to buy a spin bike with this braking system.


Before you buy a spin bike, it is very important to check if the spin bike has a strong frame or not. Although it can be hard to point out what a good frame actually is, it becomes more difficult especially when you are buying the spin bike on the internet. But you can touch the frame and feel its rigidity. You can also talk about it to the seller who can certainly show you the bikes which have a strong frame. Always remember that the life of the spin bike depends a lot on the solidity of its frame and hence you should be very careful with it before you buy one.


This is one of those most important factors to check before buying a spin bike. Usually there are 4 types of resistance systems in a spin bike. These are cable system, manual screw system, electronic magnet system and electromagnetic system. These are explained as follows –

  • Cable system – This is found only on the lower end and cheap spin bikes. This system is not so advanced. It is unreliable and can slip, so it is highly non-recommended.
  • Manual screw system – This system is generally found on mid to high level spin bikes. Its resistance pad is quite reliable but it gives no indication about how much resistance is applied.
  • Electronic magnet – In this system, a small motor is used to move the magnet closer to and then further away from the wheel. We would recommend this system highly as it allows user to keep track of the resistance levels.
  • Electromagnetic system – This system works in the same way as the electronic magnets. But this works without moving parts and this is very rarely found.

Final Say

To conclude we can say that choosing a spin bike needs a lot of attention. You need to be aware about some important aspects and should look at them carefully so that you end up buying a good spin bike. Therefore, you should always keep the above listed factors in your mind and make a good investment in a cool spin bike.