Month: April 2016

Smart Ways to Add Cash to your Wallet and Use Them Smartly

The online transaction landscape has evolved rapidly ever since its inception and the virtual wallet is the latest piece to be added to the puzzle. Imagine you go online wanting to make an Airtel online recharge, you would really feel entering all the card details like your name on the card, the card number, the […]

6 Tips To Choose A Bulk SMS Service Provider

Apart from the popularity of bulk SMS as a faster, economical, personal means of promotion it has different uses in every type of business. In fact, any business that wishes to keep customers favoring them needs to use bulk SMS service provider. A bulk SMS service provider typically offers the SMS gateway that may be […]

Simple recipes that help you reduce stress and anxiety

Stress has become a way of life for most of the people. With high competition and high levels of expectations, people tend to get anxious and stressed out. I was also under severe stress at my work and at home till recently. I used to do meditation and yoga till a few years back but […]

All You Need To Know About Doing An MBA

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a post-graduate professional degree program in business administration. It originated during the early 20th century in the USA, when industrialization started and the need for scientific approaches to business management set in. The core programs covered include various business areas like finance, accounting, human resource, and marketing. Types Of […]

Read, learn, understand and involve!

It is said, ‘Formal education will help you make a living, and whereas self-learning will help you make a fortune’. There is no self-learning better than online education. The moment you stop learning, you become stagnant. Distance education has stood the test of time and risen high. If is told something, it may be forgotten, […]

What facts you should know about spin bikes before buying them?

Spin Bikes, which are also known as indoor cycles, are necessary exercise equipment which is used by people to stay fit and lose weight as well. These bikes come with a heavy and a weighted flywheel which makes them different from any other regular bikes. This flywheel is directly linked to the pedals mechanically. Due […]