For a complete stress relief , our ancient Indianayurvedic systems suggest a holistic package of “abhayanga”- ayurvedic full body massage with essential oils, yoga & meditation. An ideal package would be to get a massage done amidst the lush green nature, soaked in the natural fragrances of the flowers, listening to the sweet chirpings of the birds. Well such natural extravaganza cannot be availed every day, but the massage is for sure possible.

Body massages are said to have a profound impact on all our organs & specific points, relieving stress from our nervous system & strengthening our body parts. The results after continuous massage for few months can be absolutely astonishing. People have reported that most of their ailments, body aches & pains have vanished. A lot of skin diseases have been treated to get flawless, soft & supple skin without using any sort of chemicals or surgical equipment’s. The immune system becomes extremely strong ready to fight any sort of anti-body. Regular massages have a super positive impact on our liver. Several cases have been reported where all the digestive issues of people have been resolved. The massage helps in rekindling the “agni” or what is known as the digestive fire which is responsible for all the digestive activity of our body. There is a saying “agar sir theek or pet theek, toh sab theek!!” –if the head & stomach are right, no diseases can affect our body! The massage rituals help in keeping our whole body in perfect health. Visible difference can be noticed only in few sessions.

Now you might say who has the time to go & search for the best massage parlours in Delhi or the best body massage in Delhi& then go take the service. We understand you are bound by tight schedules & hunting for a Delhi massage parlour or the best spa in Delhi is going to be tedious job. Hence all you need to do is just install the Housejoy app, choose from the array of massages available & our trained massager will come to your House or office at a time best suited for you. We will make sure you have the best massage experience & transcend into deep relaxation away from all your worries.

It is also a good idea to gift this service to your Mom who tirelessly works hard to offer you all the comforts without complaining a word! Her joy would know no bounds only by knowing that you have booked this surprise for her. There is an innate joy in giving, gift& experience it. So you have called for a massage service on a Sunday but your laundry for the week needs to be sorted? Not to worry, we have solutions for that too.Online laundry Delhi has never been so simple; it’s now just a click away. So while you enjoy a blissful session of relaxing massage our laundry experts a will make sure your clothes look spanking clean & are ironed to perfection.