Finding a new house in a city is an activity that demands the consideration of several factors. If you are a senior citizen looking for a new house in this regard, it would be helpful to know the following things before you move in.


  1. Decide Upon Locality– Decide upon the type of locality that you want something that gives you peace and time to relax, without much noise and hassle. Many plots for sale in Whitefield Bangalore, are being developed keeping in mind such expectations. Choosing a locality that’s close to your family and friends would prove to be of great comfort.
  1. Necessary Accessibility – Ease of access to local shops, healthcare facilities and public transport around the area you choose to live is a must, no matter how good the localities are. If you do not use any vehicle to commute, you could make use of the local transport services like auto-rickshaws or taxis that are available.
  1. Friendly Neighbourhood – A safe neighbourhood with friendly people around, a nearby park for your evening walk, and a nice café would be the perfect combination for your relaxation.Limit yourself from choosing from an area too secluded or very new to being developed.
  1. Finding Your Home – Choosing the right kind home according to one’s needs in the right location is an important step. Also, being informed beforehand about the property you are purchasing and the real estate trends around helps you filter your choice further. There are all kinds of homes available from individual houses to 2-3 BHK flats in apartment complexes in cities like Bangalore and Chennai.
  1. Good Security – Having a secure dwelling in a safe environment is important for everyone. You can opt to have the kind of security that you may need in the house you choose. For example, a 2BHK flat for sale in Electronics City, Bangalore, might have security guards manning the apartment or you can choose to install alarms and CCTV cameras for further safety.
  1. Favourable Amenities – Once you have made the choice, whether it is a plot for sale in Bangalore or an individual house for sale in Chennai, get to know the amenities with regard to the regular supply of water, electricity, lifts for easy commute through the floors, convenient waste management, and other facilities as per your need.
  1. Know Your Seller– If you are buying a new plot or a new flat, ensure the property has no existing litigations and free from all previous claims and dues. Verify your seller and, if possible, a history of the transactions of the property. This is especially important to avoid future tiresome legal hassles with others claiming for your property to be their own.

Spending the golden days of post-retirement in the right environment with the right kind of hobbies not only plays a pivotal role in keeping our spirits up, but also provides one’s mind the nurturing required to avoid boredom. RoofandFloor provides you with a lot of options to choose from, making your search for a new house a lot easier!