A medicine degree translates into a doctor, engineering into an engineer, law into a lawyer and so on but in what sense does a management degree stand out? You’ve a plethora of options opening up on pursuing this degree. Yes, that’s right. That’s how wide the scope of management is, it opens up several windows and never ties you down.


Such is the nature of management studies that a person from any educational background can take it up and opt for a different career option altogether in the future. Whether the business industry is narrowed down to rear but high revenue generating model such as industrial supply which already has elite players like Tolexo or completely into multinational vertical; management has scope for everyone. Let’s find out five exciting careers management students can look forward to. And mind you, these are only few of the options from a pool of them.

  1. Human Resources Manager


This is huge in the circuit now. Their primary duty is to recruiting, interviewing, hiring and the training of new staff. The quality of the staff determines an organization and that lies in their hand.

  1. Business analyst

The main job of a business analyst is to identify the company’s needs at its core. They are well versed with using tools such as interviews, surveys and business procedure description in order to determine the same.

  1. Accountant

Financial records is their bloodline. If numbers and figures fascinate you and at the same time you want to remain in the management line, accountancy is just about perfect. They maintain financial records and see to it that there aren’t any tax qualms.

  1. Sales Manager

This is quite a task, to be honest. They set goals for the organization monitoring sales teams through initiatives and training programs. Administrative and office management of the sales process comes under their wing. It can be quite interesting!

  1. Marketing Manager

An organization is nothing without its marketing team. Your idea is a lost cause without anyone to deliver it to the target audience. The marketing manager is probably the most challenging in the lot. It keeps you on the edge having to come up with new ideas to reach out. This also requires one to collaborate with different departments of the organization to ensure they’re all in sync with the basic objective and working towards it.