Cat owners, don’t feel left out. We know we’ve written about fancy canine condos, but fear not: We haven’t forgotten the 36 million of you who have cats. You, the lucky, need not spend thousands of dollars to house Kitty or Tiger (those are in fact the most popular cat names). You can spend as little as 50 bucks—or as much as $4,800.

A table with tunnels

LYCS Architecture



Crafted by Hong Kong architect Ruan Hao (LYCS Architecture), this creation—cut from a solid piece of wood, with tunnels and openings galore—is ideal for tight living situations, as it can easily double as a table, given that it is a table. It also happens to be perfect for shooing away cats that insist on cuddling near your laptop or pile of papers. Currently in beta phase, production expects to be right around the corner.

A pod bed


Pod Cat Bed

Hepper Pod Cat Bed

Is your cat the next Judy Jetson? With this pod bed—built to emulate a spaceship—she just might be. The green fabric is lined with Sherpa fleece that’s fitted over a steel frame featuring a powder-coated finish.

A modern and artful bed


Modern Cat House

Cat Cave

Even the maker—Seattle’s modernmews—poses the question: Is it a cat cave or a cat bed? Laminated plywood walls, with a white panel front (where a cat can climb in and out, the 8.5-inch round opening artfully off-center), easily blend in with various home décor schemes. Bonus: It doubles as a nightstand or side table. And it comes with catnip and a handmade pillow, so your cat can move right in!

A cabin made of natural materials


Cat Cabin

Cat Cabin

Your cat can adopt an Up North vibe with this cozy feline cabin that emulates a bird’s nest. Designed by the German company Homebasic and crafted from natural materials such as liana, rattan, and wood, it’s the kind of cat home that can transition from indoors to out. In addition to the entry and exit, openings are here and there in the design, allowing fresh air to flow through.

A monumental space


Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower Cat Condo

For felines with a love for travel, history, and architecture, this Leaning Tower of Pisa–inspired cat condo does the trick. SquarePaws is an Etsy shop specializing in whimsical spaces for felines. This is only scratching the surface: There’s also a tiger-print stiletto and lifeguard chair—for the cat with a wild side.

A wool cocoon

Vaiva Nat

Cat Nap Cocoon

Cat Nap Cocoon

It’s no secret that cats like tight corners (cue brown-paper bags). Boiled merino wool and a felting technique create this Etsy wonder from a Lithuanian studio called Vaiva Nat. It’s available in shades such as blood-red, teal, lilac, and lime-green. Bonus: Felted balls for kitty to kick around are $4 more.