VIZIO Reference Series 120 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV Priced At $130,000


VIZIO as unveiled two new additions to its range of 4K Ultra HD TVs with the launch of the VIZIO Reference Series 120 inch Class Ultra HD Full‑Array LED Smart TV that is priced at $130,000 and available under special order.

The new 4K TV is equipped with 384 Active LED Zones for precise contrast control that delivers deeper black levels for a richer contrast and Full Array LED Backlight that is capable of backlighting the entire display.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about this new VIZIO 4K TV and its features. A smaller 65 inch version is also available priced at $6,000 VIZIO explains a little more :

Experience a wider range of color and shading never before possible in a home screen. The VIZIO Reference Series reveals fine details with radiant splendor — expressing every hue, harmony and tone with impeccable accuracy for a nuanced picture that stays true to the creator’s vision.

Experience dramatically richer intensity, depth and contrast. Dolby Vision delivers a world of new details with incredible accuracy — from the texture of faces to the glints of light reflected by water.

High Dynamic Range significantly expands the range of contrast to reveal many finer details hidden by shadows or washed out from overexposure. That’s 16X more shades of color than the standard dynamic range found in most LCD TVs today.

Most TVs can only reach up to 300 nits brightness. VIZIO Reference Series measures up to 800 nits of vivid brightness for bolder contrast and beautifully detailed realism.